Developed through Sumika Plastech's original technology, our SUMICELLER polypropylene sheets are foamed with expansion ratios that extend from 2 to 6 and feature a dense surface layer and extremely small, independent cells. Their superior characteristics make these sheets suitable in a variety of applications.
- œMain features
E Light weight and high rigidity.
E Highly hygienic.
E Extremely small, uniform cells provide a smooth touch.
E Smooth and flat surface for excellent ink affinity.
E Easy recyclability.
œMain application fields
Packaging and distribution fields Dividers, tote boxes, cushion materials, etc.
Construction field Synthetic tatami mats, masking sheets, etc.
Automobile and shipbuilding fields Trunk mats, etc.
Indicator panels and signboards Aluminum and resin composite boards, etc.

œMain product specifications
Grade Expansion ratio (times) Thickness (mm) Density (g/cm3) Width (mm) Color
‚P‚R‚P‚O@‚O‚V‚O ‚PD‚R ‚P ‚OD‚V ‚P‚R‚T‚O Natural and light blue
‚R‚O‚R‚O@‚O‚X‚O ‚R ‚R ‚OD‚R ‚P‚Q‚T‚O
‚R‚O‚S‚O@‚P‚Q‚O ‚R ‚S ‚OD‚R ‚P‚Q‚T‚O
‚R‚O‚T‚O@‚P‚T‚O ‚R ‚T ‚OD‚R ‚P‚Q‚T‚O
(Note) Length: 300 mm minimum
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