We created this easy-to-peel sealant film by combining our advanced polyolefine and polymer alloy design technology with our advanced film-enhancement technology.
ASSIST is available in two types: a cohesive failure separation type that provides easy, stable peeling, and a layer separation type that provides excellent sealing. ASSIST is widely used as materials for lids or caps for containers made of polypropylene, polystyrene, and polyethylene, as well as for containers made of paper/resin composite materials.
Its superior separation of sealed parts also makes ASSIST ideal for use in advanced packaging materials.
œMain features
EAE series: Cohesive failure separation film
Made of a polymer alloy, our AE series multi-layer films peel smoothly, stably and easily and are suitable for use with polypropylene, polystyrene, and polyethylene containers. These films also offer excellent separation sealing each other.
Sumika Plastech can also design films for medical applications where peeling marks are desired.B
EM series: Layer separation film
Sumika Plastech's advanced material design and film forming technology combined to create this layer separation film, considered a difficult product to develop.
Suitable for polystyrene and polyethylene containers, M series films provide consistent sealing strength, ensure stability of the contents, and accommodate a wide range of seal conditions.
EP series for retort packs
This high-performance sealant for retort packages offers minimal degradation of separation strength under high temperatures. It is suitable for PP retort packages and containers that are boiled for sterilization. The P series film also offers excellent separation of sealed parts, and can be used as a material for bag-type containers.
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œMain product specifications
Grade Sealing characteristic (application)j Performance Separation type Application examples
PE PP PS Sealing of seal each other Low-temperature seal Transparency Heat resistance Cold resistance
AE300 › @  › › @ @  Cohesive Desserts and chilled sweets
AE370 @   @  @ @  Desserts and chilled sweets
AE410 › › ›  ’ @  › Desserts and medical products
MS200 @ @  › ’  @ › Layer Desserts and chilled sweets
MS430 @ @  › ’ @ ›  Desserts and medical products
ME200  @ @ › ›  @ › Desserts (paper/plastic containers)
ME430  @ @ › › @ › › Desserts (paper/plastic containers)
P200 @  @  ’ ›  › Cohesive Retort-packed products

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