Our SUMITHERMAL floor-heating system stores heat at night, when electricity rates are low, and discharges it during the day. This system can reduce energy costs by about 30% compared with systems that use electricity at regular rates. Electricity costs can be reduced a further 15% through use of a system equipped with microcomputer control.
●Main features
・Radiation heating for extra comfort
・High level of safety
・Easy maintenance control (maintenance-free)
・High control accuracy and easy operation
・Quick heating at power-on
・Low maintenance cost
●Main system
For concrete floors

SUMITHERMAL can be built into concrete floors, making it suitable for large buildings.

For general wooden beam floors in houses

Heater and SUMITHERMAL heat storing material are integrated into a single heat storage unit for installation in houses.

●Latent heat storing material
We also supply the SUMITHERMAL latent heat storing material to meet various needs of customers. Please feel free to consult us. 潜熱蓄熱材

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